Thursday, April 19, 2012

Shellac Attack (a guide to DIY Shellac nails!)

I got all the fancy stuff to do my own shellac nails at home and wanted to share my latest obsession!  First off it is a bit $ to start out but if you get your nails done a lot or get really sick of nail polish chipping off (like I do) this product is totally your solution!
This is the first time I did my nails this picture is taken at 3 1/2 weeks!!!  See how shiny those guys are?  Yeah, they look like that all the time and NO CHIPPING!!!  The color I am wearing here is Tiger Blossom.

So here are the deets on how to DIY shellac nails!  
First off nails MUST be clean

Then you apply the base coat...

Put your nails under the UV light for 2 minutes
I chose this UV light because..
1.  It had the best ratings for the price
2.  You can do BOTH hands or feet at the same time!

Next you apply a coat of color (my next color choice is)
Gossip Girl!

Repeat the UV light for 2 minutes
Re-apply color (so you have 2 coats)
Repeat the UV light for 2 minutes

Finish with the top coat
Cure under the UV light for 3 minutes!

Rub each nail (because they will be tacky) with rubbing alcohol to remove the tackiness and VOILA'!  
DIY Shellac!!!!  I am wearing 
*A few thing*
You must use a top coat and bottom coat that are made for either gelish or shellac nails (I just prefer the CND because it had better reviews)

You CANNOT use regular nail polish it must either be Shellac (made by CND) or Gelish brand.  You can use both under the light and get the same effect.  I will say I like the color assortment that Gelish has better than CND.  You could get a glitter polish do one light coat over your color and add a little *sparkle* to your nails!  

Toe nails last MUCH longer!!!  Mine lasted about 6 weeks till they were growing out so much I had to take it off!  To remove the polish you may want to get removal pads or you could just peel it off like I did!  



  1. Love that first pretty! I had no idea you could buy your own light box for home...that's awesome! =)

  2. Ok - you've totally sold me! I've loaded up all the goods in my Amazon cart and I'm ready to open a salon for me and Campbell ;) Gorgeous nails!

  3. Ok, I love the disclaimer but love the nails more! Chippy nails is the reason I hate going to get them done. Yours looks so shiny and nice!

  4. I love the red and the fact they last so long, but I am a bit concerned about UV light exposure. Is that step needed, or could I just dry my nails naturally?

  5. Wow, 3.5 weeks...that's pretty amazing!

  6. Rose- Not 100% sure about the UV light I read one article that claims the UV lights are no stronger than being outside for 10 minutes?! But you could put sunscreen on if you were concerned!

  7. If you get this done in the salon, they always dry them under the UV. I figured it was something to do with the gel polish and the way it hardens.
    Anyhow, a friend of mine has a license and can shop at the CosmoProf store...I totally thought about getting a set for this type of manicure at home. Glad it see it seems to work as well at work as it does at the salon! Pretty nails!

  8. Ok so I have been using all this stuff for a while now, and I have some tips. OPI has a line of gel polish called Axxium, and the color selection is unbeatable. Plus I find it wears a bit better than CND. But it's more of a pain to put on because it comes in a pot and you need to use a separate paintbrush. It's also a bit harder to get off than the other brands. I typically use a gritty nail file and rough up my whole nail surface before soaking off the gel.

    In my experience, CND has the best formula and is the easiest to get off (with the least damage). It's too bad their color selection is the most limited, but it's getting better.

    I find all the brands work best when you use the base and topcoat of that same brand. As for getting it off, the easiest thing I've found is to buy a big bottle of acetone from Sally Beauty (or anywhere really). I pour a little bit into a bowl (be careful not to spill or drip this because it will take the paint/finish off anything) and soak my nails in it. If I've put OPI on my nails, I'll file my nail surface first. Otherwise, I'll just soak and after 5-10 minutes (max), I can use an orangewood stick to scrape it right off.

  9. I have thought about getting the supplies and trying this, but still can't decide. They look great! I am so glad I found your blog and I am your newest follower!
    Modern Modest Beauty

  10. Thank you Tricia! I've been going to the Salon to get my nails done since I'm back to work FT now and 1. It' takes forever b/c my salon is really good and always FULL and 2. I feel kinda bad spending extra time away from my baby. This will be the perfect thing to do while she naps:)