Wednesday, June 13, 2012

OOTD- Wisteria dress and Kate Middleton

Nearing the end of my pregnancy only 3 weeks and 5 days left but who's counting?!  July 10th is the big day for my c-section unless I go into labor earlier (my husband keeps saying I will since I have never made it to the date of any of my other scheduled c-sections.)  We will see!  I have to admit I have been shopping a lot lately why, I don't know!  I can't fit into ANYTHING except sweats and yeah that's pretty much it!  Ok it's not like I have gone crazy it's just funny to me that I keep buying all of these things I can't even wear and they are sitting in my closet still in the bags...  I think I am ready for this baby to come!  I wore this dress on Mother's day it's the last picture I plan on posting of myself until after the baby.
Cardigan Anthropologie: Blooming Lattice
Dress Anthropologie: Wisteria dress
Shoes Anthropologie: Micro-floral Mary Janes
Please excuse my cankles!

Ok so I am somewhat obsessed with Kate Middleton (who isn't?)  She is beautiful and classy and I adore almost everything she wears!  I kept seeing her wear some nude heels and finally googled them and now I WANT THEM!!  See for yourself...
I found them online at Nordy's and honestly the price is not too bad (if you consider she is royalty!)  They are always sold out of the Nude but apparently you can get on a waiting list for them.  They are so classic I am really wanting to pull the trigger on these darling shoes (find them in black here!)

Highlights of the things I have gotten lately:
Shopping instead of popping!
* I have actually worn the shoes and I LOVE both pairs!


  1. I have missed your posts! you look adorable!

  2. Nice to see you are doing well! You look great! The Maia column dress is one of my favourites as well!

  3. You look absolutely wonderful!!! Not long now until you meet your sweet baby girl - so excited for you to join the mom of 4 club :) I can absolutely picture you in that first dress - adorable! And I really want those Miz Mooz sandals you posted now - they are darling. I shopped a bit when I was pregnant too, and I don't regret it, you'll be glad you didn't pass them up.

  4. First, I am SOOOOO jealous that you're having your c-section July 10th. Mine isn't until July 26th. I am SO done with being pregnant! :-) And second, you look AWESOME!!! You don't even look pregnant! And cankles? Mine beat yours anyday right now :-) Miss you!!!

  5. You look so beautiful! Happy Belated Mother's Day to you. I know what you mean about the urge to shop.

    I am nearing my 4 month mark (this is my first) and my regular clothes are beginning to not fit and I don't have a lot of "in between" ones so I want to shop all the time for dresses in sizes up from what I typically wear. But I have no idea how long those will fit so I am trying to be good.

  6. First off...looking delightful, Tricia! Hang in there! I went 8 DAYS past my due date for #4, so I totally get the "done" feeling. still kind of scarred emotionally from the waiting and waiting...I kid. You will love the Palma Dress. You know I shopped like a girl on a mission while preggers, and don't regret it one bit. I would've been ticked to miss out on all of the items i bought while doubling as an incubator! Can't wait to meet #4!!

  7. Love the green. Not ready to try that color on me but it looks fab on you! :)
    House of Tong

  8. I want that <a href=">Mini club dress</a>! Gorgeous.