Monday, June 27, 2011

OOTD- Running Retro Rose!

This morning I got up and ran 6.86 miles that is the longest I have EVER run and I am BEAT!  I am running a 10K in July so I wanted to make sure I could do it before I ponied up the $.  I know I can but now I wonder if I want to;)!  It always feels so great to exercise and honestly running is cheaper than therapy so, I know that won't be the last time.  I wore this a few weeks ago to church and thought it was a cute and fun combo, I totally forgot to take a picture after church yesterday so I may put the outfit back on and do re-takes later this week.
Dress Anthropologie Vappu: similar here
Cardigan Anthropologie: Retro Rose
Belt Anthropologie: High gloss now on SALE!
Shoes Anthropologie Waving Grains: similar here
Necklace J Crew: similar here

Fingers crossed for a sale... with my sister in town we are planning on making the pilgrimage to the nearest Anthro on Thursday!  


  1. Way to go on the run!! I'm planning on running another 10K on Thanksgiving day...should be fun! So did you do what I did and end up keepin the Retro Rose cardi after it was a additional 25% off? lol Good thin you did because it is really cute on you and looks so fab with the Vappu! Great pairing!

  2. oh wow..i love exercising but i hate running. i am so horrible at it.
    so you go girl..i want to do a marathon before 30..which is less than 2 1/2 years so i better get on the ball..ughhh..haha.
    you look beautiful. i love yellow on you.
    have a wonderful week love.

  3. You look adorable, that turquoise belt is PERFECT!

    My ex-husband has been doing some 5Ks and part of me wants to try, but I just can't fathom running by myself at 4:30AM to train for a race. So instead, I do workout DVDs. I don't think that'll help me train to run a race though.

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  4. This is a fantastic combo. Congrats on your run!

  5. "cute and fun combo" is an understatement!! This is FABULOUS. I honestly wish I could step out of my house wearing this tomorrow.

    Ask the Duplex

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  7. I love the belt with the sweater- perfect combo!
    great job with the run, you absolutely should run the 10k, it will be a completely different/fun experience from your regular solitary runs.

  8. What a pretty outfit! I love the combo of those colors. Have fun with your sister and visiting Anthro! :-)

  9. Pretty! I love the blue belt with this outfit, brings it all together perfectly!

  10. Love the mixture of colors! The belt is the perfect finishing touch! I hope you and your sis have a great time visiting this week!

  11. Congrats on making it through such a long run. I am majorly impressed! Sounds like you should have no prob on the 10K. I did a 10K once...a long, long time ago. My brother, who was a cross country runner at the time, joined me. He jogged casually, and it was a tough pace for me, haha!

    And this outfit looks spectacular on you. The colors in the cardigan just work so perfectly with the Vappu dress. Lovely!

  12. good job on the run!!! wow!! you definately should do the 10k. What a great feeling to accomplish that!

    I can not wait to hear about the shopping expedition with your sister. I bet it will be such a fun time.

  13. what a gorgeous cardigan! it goes so nicely with the skirt!

  14. You can do it...the race sounds great! You are doing so well already with the 6.86 miles!!!
    Love the colors in your outfit. Hope you enjoy your shopping trip with your sister tomorrow :)

  15. I've never seen this cardigan look better. Fabulous pairing here. Personally, I run for me, not to train and run in races. I just don't prefer being around so many people while makes me feel claustrophobic!

  16. wow, that cardigan and skirt are simply amazing!

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