Thursday, June 9, 2011

Feathers... fun or fashion no-no?!

When trying to fix your camera and it asks "do you want to reformat your memory card?"  Do not hit yes or you will lose all your pictures!

I ate a bowl of muddy buddy's for breakfast... I figured since they are made with rice chex it counts as cereal, right?!

On the song Dynamite I was singing it the other day and sang "I throw my hands up the air sometimes saying ay-oh, Galilelio"  My nephew started laughing at me and said you know it really says "I throw my hangs up in the air sometimes saying ay-oh, gotta let go"  I am getting so old!  My husband makes fun of me all the time because I re-write lyrics.  I could tell you about 10 similar stories!!

I ordered these from Etsy because I think Jennifer Love Hewitt looks H-O-T hot and I believe if I put them in my hair maybe I will look like her;)!  Ok maybe not but hey I think they are cute!!

You can pick them up here at Sephora or here for a lot cheaper!  You could even get creative and hit up the local fishing store (the feathers are in the fly fishing section) and get some feathers yourself!  They are really easy to put in yourself, here is a tutorial that is quick and actually makes sense!  You can buy the grommets for your hair at Sally Beauty Supply!!

So what do you think about feathers?  Are they on your list of things to try?


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  2. I confess I really don't care much for the feathers. I see them all over now, so I think I'm in the minority.

  3. I'll have to wait and see them on you. I've never been drawn to them before but I think they could be really cute.

  4. I actually really like the feathers that I've seen on other people. I think it's a fun way to change things up a little, especially for people like me who never do anything different with their hair (color or style wise).

  5. Mmmm...Muddy Buddies...totally a breakfast food! So the feathers aren't for me but I think you should go for it and try it out...why not?

  6. I TOTALLY thought the song said "Galileo" until just now, hahah i've been singing along to it for months. I like the feathers, I think they're fun and trendy but it's not like you're spending a fortune to be trendy, ya know? I think they'll look great.

  7. I asked my hairdresser who had them in her hair to order me a couple...yes to feathers. DAWN SUITCASE VIGNETTES XO