Tuesday, June 21, 2011

OOTD- Midcreation skirt!

Got the computer and camera talking again (let's hope they don't fight again because I hate being stuck in the middle;)  Today I am taking my kids to a water park it's really not suppose to be that warm but oh well, we already had it planned!  The sale was pretty good with so many second cuts!  I picked up this little number that has been on my wish list forever!  Here is what I wore on Sunday...
Top Anthropologie Floral Frappe': similar here
Skirt Anthropologie Mid Creation: my next cute skirt here
Shoes Miz Mooz: Symphony Pump

*If you are watching the Bachelorette I want to say for the record that if she says the name 'Bentley' again I will seriously throw the remote at the TV.  He was just not that into you (and a total jerk, but made for really good TV) *wake up and get over it!*


  1. she is going to kick herself when she watches the tapes back at the end of the season!! haha Great shoes!!

  2. The shoes and skirt are awesome! You look fabulous.

    Don't watch the Bachelorette. Catch clips on Extra or Access Hollywood though. Too much whining for me :)

  3. You look incredible! I love this outfit. The color choice of the top is so pretty with the skirt. I hope the water park is fun!

  4. I've been missing your posts!!!

    I was thinking of my 'blog friends' while I was watching last night. It looks like the guys left on the show are about to be super annoyed that she is still hung up on Bentley! Yeah, and William's little act last night made me LOL at how well that turned out for him. He acted borderline suicidal on his 'good-bye' video! Oh the drama! :)

    On to your outfit...LOVE IT! Those shoes are just the cutest things and I really like all the detail on your top!

  5. That bachelorette is annoying!! I love your skirt and shoes!!

  6. You look adorable! I was *so* close to picking up that skirt today, as there was one left in my store, marked down to $40. It just didn't work on me though. That's ok, I managed to find many other pieces. ;)

  7. Everything about this outfit is fantastic! So glad that skirt worked on you, because it was an absolute DISASTER on me! You're rocking it with those shoes! Hope you had fun at the waterpark. Oh, if only it "wouldn't be warm enough" here too!

  8. I almost can't watch the bachelorette anymore because I really can't stand ashley- she seems to want to sabotage this opportunity and she is so incredibly insecure.

    your outfit is very cute - love it!

  9. You look super cute! And I'm getting really annoyed at Ashley, she's so insecure and I'm so sick of the whole Bentley thing too! Can't wait to see you in a few days!!!

  10. Agreed! They are way playing out the whole Bentley thing and frankly, he doesn't deserve any more air time. She has plenty of good guys there (helllllo Constantine!) It will be interesting to see who she picks.

  11. Very cute! I also am so sick of Bentley....I can't believe she is really still obsessing over him!

  12. Hi There,
    Found you via another mommy blogger's side bar. First of all I am a TOTAL LEO as well! :)
    Have been doing a lot of 'water park' outings lately with the kids and with the weather being so unstable I always say we'll put on the swim suits IF the weather is sunny so they won't fight me.
    Yes, totally agree with you on the bacheloratte. She is really starting to annoy me. This season is not a good one for sure.
    Lastly, your outfit is very cute. Question though did you wear those shoes to the water park!?

  13. The shooooooooooooooes! I love them! I need them in my life! And I love how the green in your top perfectly pairs with the florals in the skirt. Genius! I hope that you had fun at the water park, and I can't wait to see how the new Anthro tee looks on you!