Tuesday, June 14, 2011

OOTD- my favorite Summer buy!

The Pezza Dress has been my favorite Summer buy without question!  I love this dress it's so comfortable and versatile (think fall with boots and a fall colored cardi!)  So far this Summer has been really B-U-S-Y I had no idea *trying* to actually be a good mom could be so overwhelming (I think I will go back to mediocre!)  I ran a 5K on Saturday with a group of friends (and took 6th place in my age division, but I am not bragging!)  Anyway posting will be sporadic but it looks like that is par for the course for a few of us!  Here is what I actually wore two weeks ago (then deleted it on accident and re-took this morning)...
Cardigan Anthropologie Tempting Trellis: similar here
Dress Anthropologie: Pezza Dress
Shoes Seychelles: Pot Of Gold
Belt Anthropologie Looping Lanes: similar here

Yeah I know the color is wonky but I am using my little point and shoot because I am still having technical difficulties!!! 

After the race with some of the ladies!!!  
Can you guess which one is my sister??
Number 173
(my SIL in on the end in turquoise)


  1. You look great. That dress is so flattering on you, and I love it paired with the Tempting Trellis and Pot of Gold Pumps!

  2. Cute dress and shoes, and congrats on your placement in the race! That is great!

  3. Congratulations on the race! That is fantastic!

    You look gorgeous. I love that cardigan!

  4. So glad to see you back posting outfits!

    Congrats on the race.

    Those shoes are to die for! Love the blue dress with the pearls!

  5. The Pezza looks crazy good on you! Love the styling with the tempting trellis! Congrats on your 5K. You did awesome!

  6. Tricia, thank you for your sweet comment :)

    Congrats on your 5k! That is so exciting!

    I absolutely love this color on you and I could totally picture this dress going into fall with boots and a cardi!

  7. So cute on you! congrats on the 5k!

  8. Love that dress with the tempting trellis cardi! now I need to find that cardi for myself. Congrats on your race!

  9. Congrats on the 5K and finishing in 6th! That is incredible, and you totally should brag! I know I would, bwahahaha!

    And this: "I had no idea *trying* to actually be a good mom could be so overwhelming (I think I will go back to mediocre!)" made LOL, haha! I'm sure you're an INCREDIBLE mom, even without really trying. And hello, how cute is this dress on you? The color is amazing, and so is that neckline drape!

  10. You're right, this dress looks like it can work for multiple seasons, love the color! Congrats on your race, I admire anyone who can do that because I know I never could!

  11. You can totally brag. And that is such a cute outfit. :)

  12. Good job on the race! Brag away! I would!!!!

    I can see why the dress is a favorite. I love the bold color and I totally see this transitioning into other seasons!

  13. You ran a 5K????? Oh my goodness - that is seriously impressive! Good for you!!!
    Love that dress on you, by the way. The color is perfect with the accessories :) Are you growing out your bangs?