Thursday, February 23, 2012

OOTD- Stretchy dresses can be a girl's best friend!

When you can no longer fit into say a skirt that has to be zipped reach for the nearest thing that is stretchy!  Sunday morning was a mad dash getting ready for church and after trying on 4 other outfits I finally reached for this dress.  Sometimes I forget how much I love this dress but not anymore!  I also forget that when I am pregnant instead of my tummy going waaaay out my butt, love handles and thighs like to grow instead!  Someday I want to design a maternity line that is for women like me that grow as much in back as they do in front;)!  Here is what I wore to church on Sunday...
Dress Anthropologie Woody Nymph: similar here
Cardigan Anthropologie Blooming Lattice: Modcloth knockoff here
Tights Anthro- old: similar here

Did I tell you I believe in love at first sight?  Well I do and I found it with this!  I am trying to justify getting it since this top arrived and I am totally mid-drifting in it!!  FYI it's not an attractive look for anyone but especially not a pregnant woman!
It's like a dressed down version of the Felted Lei which is one of my very favorite cardigans EVER!!! 
*make sure you click on the link you have to see the CUTE back!!!* 

Today was "Fashion Disaster" day at school.... I really wanted to do more but she still wanted to be *pretty!*  I am sure she has a crush on someone in her class!
The Faux-Hawk was really fun to do but she made me tame it waaay down!  


  1. You are stunning. And heck, stretchy dresses are my best friends now and I'm not pregnant! :) Your daughter looks absolutely adorable!!!

  2. I find that I forget how much I love stretchy dresses after a long winter of eating lots of comfort food, myself ;-)

    YOu daughter is too freaking cute!

  3. You really don't look chubby or pregnant! You look very lovely!