Thursday, February 16, 2012

Confessions about how I look...

I got dressed up on V-Day and all ready in a skirt then I looked in the mirror.  To say I look chubby is putting it nicely I am at that awkward stage where I don't quite look pregnant but something is definitely going on!  I was all set to snap a picture when my son walked up and patted my tummy and said "big tummy mommy."  I think we will wait on pictures for a few months days at least!  I have still been shopping not too worry folks!  Here are some cute things I picked up lately!

This beautiful maxi is not only cute but cheap!  I will say SIZE UP it runs small (I should have known that since it's in the juniors section!)  I got the black and cream one and imagine it with cute brightly colored cardigans all Summer long!

This cute top is forgiving and flattering, I don't look pregnant in it!!!  For 12 bucks it's a total steal, and this little top matches perfectly!!

I know this is maternity but I got this skirt and am so excited to have another option instead of sweats!!

If you are not on the TOMS bandwagon yet time to get on!  I have worn my grey ones out and think these little beauties will replace them nicely!  I promise the *bling* factor is just right on them!

Be still my ever quirky print loving heart!  I ordered this dress it's HORRIBLE on me (it could be the pregnancy or it could be just unflattering I am unsure at this point!)  So to satisfy my desire for a fun print this cute little top came home with me!


  1. I think you look great! I just searched high and low for that old navy tank in the stores close to me and came up empty handed :( It's so cute and I want it :)

  2. Oh I'm sure you look gorgeous Tricia :)

  3. I find it hard to believe you look anything less than cute!!

  4. I agree with the other 3 responses, there's no way you couldn't look fabulous!

  5. The printed tank in the second photo is adorable!

  6. love that skirt!I found your blog via Clothed Much. I am having a Blog Hop Party right now and would love for you to link up:>