Thursday, December 1, 2011

Thrifty Thursday!

Last night a huge wind storm hit, I am pretty used to the wind since I just moved from the mouth of a canyon (with huge windmills!)  My online shopping has been at an all time high since I have been checking like 5 times a day!  I am about done with Christmas shopping but I still cannot resist finding a good deal!  Here are a few I have found...
This sweater is so cute and with 30% off it makes it a steal!

This cute skirt for 25 bucks from Nordy's!

12 dollar floral fishnet's?!  YES please!  Wait till you see where they are from!

They say buy out of season and that is true with these cute seychelle sandals!  They are steal!

CUTE necklace for less than 2 bucks!


  1. The floral fishnets are adorable! So unique and pretty :)

  2. Love the floral fishnets too! So cute and a great deal.

  3. I like the striped skirt form Nordy's. Don't you love a good deal? I just got a pair of patent leather black shoes at Joe Fresh for a steal (all leather, too!)

  4. Those are SUPER cute!!! I've never heard of that website. Will definitely check it out! :D