Monday, October 3, 2011

OOTD- Butterfly fly away!

My son's preschool class had butterflies, they watched them as caterpillars as they would eat the leaf's and then when they turned into a cocoon and then into a beautiful butterfly.  He loves talking about the chrysalis that the butterfly's made and how fragile they are.  It's so neat to watch your kids learn and to see the amazement in their eyes as they discover the beauty of nature.  That's something I think we lose as adults the awe we used to feel with each new discovery.  I got this top at Anthro with my birthday discount and when I wore it my son kept telling me about the butterflies on it.  I think the print is so cute and whimsical don't you?
Top Anthropologie: similar here
Cardigan Anthropologie: Pull Through Cardigan
Jeans Joe's: similar Joe's here for only 25 BUCKS plus free shipping!
Shoes Miz Mooz

And a little house tour...
*with a new TV (we got the warranty because maybe you remember when my son did this and broke the TV, well we finally replaced it!)

All the cute lanterns and of course my darling pumpkins!  Thanks to my amazing sister who helped me decorate the entire house!


  1. You look lovely, as always! Cute tee! Where do you input your birthday at Anthro? ('cause I have one coming up too) ;)

  2. It is amazing to see the world through your children's eyes all over again!

    Love the butterfly top and how you paired it with the bright green cardi! Heather

  3. cute top and cardi, love the butterfly print! And love the home tour, can't wait to help you with more decorating in a few months!!

  4. Such a fun, bold it! Love it with the green cardi too! =) SO fun to see pictures of your new home...those lanterns are the cutest by the way! Your house is looking beautiful!

  5. This is a gorgeous is sure to brighten up any day :)

  6. That's so cute! I love wearing clothes that inspire my students or remind the of things they've learned. One of my first a-ha! moments as a teacher was when I taught my 5 year old campers at the Bronx zoo about warning colors and 2 days later when we were surprised by a thunderstorm they were excited to share with me that they were all wearing warning colors and that my navy raincoat was camoflage!

  7. You are so adorable and I am in love with your house!

    Ask the Duplex

  8. You look too cute! The color of the cardi and shoes is so stunning on you.

    Your home is really beautiful! I love the mosaic tile on the hearth.

  9. That green is just pure perfection on you! Love the whimsical butterflies :)

    The house looks gorgeous!

  10. Those built ins are so awesome...wish I had some in every room! Your house is looking so lovely. Doesn't it feel great for everything to have a place? That Anthro tee is so sweet...I don't remember ever seeing that one. What I gathered from your story is that Anthro is good for our kids too, so we should keep buying, right?! hehe.

  11. That is the cutest outfit ever! I am supposed to be looking for home decor, not clothe...ha ha ha.