Thursday, October 27, 2011

Which look shows more love?

It's that time again... Breaking Dawn is coming out and November 18th is right around the corner!  I am wondering, what I am going to wear to the movie?  I will be at the midnight showing (along with all the other teenagers)  A group of about 52 (we got our tickets the minute they went on sale, literally!)  We are going out to dinner and then the movie, and I need to look my best for Jacob in case he shows up! my friends!  I should mention in the books I am 100% team Edward, now the movie (and since Taylor Lautner is now 18 and I no longer look like a pedophile) I am 100% team Jacob!!!!  Yeah I am screaming with all the 16 year olds, don't judge!  Anyways I need your help picking an outfit, which look should I wear?  Thanks for chiming in!
 PS- these may not be the most *glamorous* outfits but let's be honest I will be up till 3am and comfort plays a key role!



Which look for Breaking Dawn part 1?
Look #1
Look #2
Sweats! free polls 


  1. Love #2! That dress is really cute and it would be comfy too.

  2. The second ones cute but the first one is hotter and um...I mean just in case Jacob shows up....just sayin...I wish I was gonna be there with you and all the other screaming teenagers! Haha

  3. I'm all about look #1, since you're going to be there with all the teenagers and it looks a lot younger! Where's the red top from in look #1? It's SO CUTE! (although maybe I just really like the top so I'm biased?)

  4. I love look 1 and I think so does everyone else, that being said, I will probably be going in sweats! (but I don't have to then post pictures of myself for the whole world!)

  5. I love look 2 for an evening event/party, but for a 12 midnight-3am experience, I'm going with the fierce pants/top look I think. Love that printed tank!

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