Wednesday, May 4, 2011

OOTD- She wore a black polka-dot top!

Did I mention Spring is here?  Finally we are getting some beautiful weather and with it- stitches!?  My daughter was running around in the yard on Monday and cut her foot she ended up with stitches to close it up- should I tell you this is her second set in a week (last time it was her head?!)  Yeah, it's been a little crazy here lately!  Yesterday was quite a sale... I did pull the trigger on Ardennes skirt because it hit second cuts.  Here is what I am wearing today...
Jeans Joe's: my next pair here
Belt Anthropologie: High Gloss Belt
Shoes Anthropologie: Vantine Pumps

*I know I told you I would do a review on these little flats, they came and were really snug.  I am trying to track down a red pair in 7 1/2... we will see!*

*I found them at Endless they should be here tomorrow!!!:)*


  1. Those shoes are adorable!!! I love Endless; I have found some really great shoes at really great prices through them!

  2. You are adorable in your polka dots, I love the touch of color with your belt and the shoes are way too cute!

    Sorry to hear about your little one...I hope the stitches are the kind that absorb so she doesn't have to get them taken out too - poor bubs!

  3. Love your polka dot top ... but the shoes - oh be still my beating heart, are absolutely darling!!!

  4. I love this top, Tricia! The bow on the shoulder is really becoming a hit since Anthropology's shirt earlier this year!! :) I'm hoping to snag a similiar design soon. Down East Basics has a cute one right now also!

  5. Sorry to hear about your daughter, that stinks! That top is so cute, I love how you accented it with that blue belt!

  6. it's a polka dot volante! heehee Poor little girl! My oldest broke his wrist catching a line drive in baseball. Ugh!

  7. Oh, how I will always loves polka dots. And how is it that your thighs don't ever touch together?? Seriously. You are smokin' hot.

    Ask the Duplex

  8. You look amazing! Loving the polka dots and pop of blue with the high Gloss. I love that belt. Such a bummer about the stitches. Luckily we've always been able to do just skin glue in the ER, knock on wood! Hope your little girl's feeling better!

  9. So sorry to read about your daughter! You look adorable!