Saturday, March 9, 2013

Where do they find this stuff, and who buys it????

I was doing a little online shopping looking for the perfect Easter dress (for myself) thinking it may be this with a cute cardi like this!  When I happened upon some real *winners* and I think to myself "who buys this stuff"?  I will share...

Topshop at POPSUGAR Shopping
Looking for a critter sweater?  Look no further!!!  Siegfried and Roy totally have one too!!

Topshop at POPSUGAR Shopping
Comic-con here we come!!!

Walter Steiger at POPSUGAR Shopping
Are those heels for real?  If I wore those all I can say is "man down, man down"!

Topshop at POPSUGAR Shopping
Who doesn't want a panther face on their unmentionables?

Topshop at POPSUGAR Shopping
Team Jacob?  Show your love with this swimsuit!

Philipp Plein at POPSUGAR Shopping
Cause a Disney shirt should totally cost $600!!!!

I could go all day with these finds, perplexed the entire time at who buys this stuff!!!