Monday, March 4, 2013

The 20 dollar dress! *Now only 10*

Sometimes you find a really good deal then you try it on and you know why it's such a good deal, because it's hideous!  Well I got this dress hoping it would work but with really low expectations!  Put it on when it arrived and WHAT it fit and is flattering, that never happens!  I was so excited about it I walked around church announcing 'this dress was only 20 bucks' yeah, I am classy like that!

Sorry the pictures are blurry my iPhone is not the best camera but it's the easiest! 
Cardigan Anthro: this year's version here
Dress Anthro: Marigold Blush Velvet NOW ONLY 10 bucks!
Skirt extender: local boutique 
Tights Anthro: similar here
Shoes NYLA: similar here

See how it kinda nips in at the waist?  So cute!

You can pick up her sister dress for 10 bucks while you are shopping!  I already did *fingers crossed* it fits just as cute!!!  Don't you just love a good deal!?

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