Monday, July 25, 2011

OOTD- Polkadot and not feeling peachy!

Today I ran a 10K it was a nice run at 6:30 am because it was cool and cloudy!  I started feeling a little queasy at about mile 5 but just kept pushing though thinking maybe it was caused by eating some energy beans.  After finishing it really hit and I pushed through again and took the kids to the parade and got some 'fair food' I LOVE fair food (it's usually sooooo) yummy!!!  Went home and later that afternoon it finally *really hit* I hate the barf flu!! At this point my stomach is empty and I am feeling a little better.  I am so glad my body was able to hold off until the end of the race!!  Here is what I wore to church yesterday...
Top Forever 21: similar here
Skirt H&M: similar here
Shoes Jessica Simpson: Kendale Pump
Belt Anthropologie Snake Bite: similar here

Me and my sister after the race!  

*Mompos, mompos, mompos please hit sale!!!!


  1. 10K? Wow! That's quite a race! Congratulations!

    Sorry to read you were sick.

    LOVE those shoes!

  2. Congrats! And I love that outfit, totally reminds me I need to bust out that skirt!

  3. Oh no!! I hope you feel better soon!

    Congrats on the 10k, that's pretty awesome! Love the outfit too :)

  4. Congrats on the 10k - that's an amazing accomplishment!
    You look adorable. I love that skirt, and wish I had bought those shoes!

  5. Wow! I couldn't even fathom running 10K. Nice job.

    I love the way you styled the H&M skirt. I've actually seen a few bloggers with this skirt, which I'm glad about. I have the same skirt and always have problems styling it. Great to see someone else's take on it.

  6. Way to go on the run! SO sorry you felt so awful afterwards, but thankfully you got through the run first!!! Love this cute look! That skirt is darling...I with it would have worked on me but it was just too short. Did you pick up the A Bit Un-Ruly Top tonight?? FINALLY it went on sale!!

  7. Kudos to you for the 10K! That is a LONG run! Sorry to hear you didn't feel so well afterwards though.

    You look adorable as always! Everything about your outfit is perfection!


  8. LOVE this skirt...such beautiful color and flow to it!
    Sorry you aren't feeling well. Hopefully it is short-lived and you are better in no time! And congrats on the run. I'm SUPER impressed at your determination!

  9. Aw honey, I'm so sorry you got the stomach flu! That's awful. I've had it before and it's the WORST. I'm glad you're feeling a bit better!

    This outfit is stunning on you. I love the contrast of the soft pink with the black and white top.

  10. congrats on the 10k! I don't think I could ever run one...

    love the polka dots and that skirt + belt go perfectly with it! and those shoes are gorgeous!

  11. Love your outfit. The shoes are so pretty.

  12. I hope you're feeling better! Your outfit is so cute, especially the polka dot top.

  13. Congratulations on the race. That's awesome. I have that F21 top. It's so cute. I adore your shoes. Hope your tummy continues to recover :)

  14. Nice job on the race! So sorry to hear about the barfies. No fun at all. You look so cute in this church ensemble. Classy and cute.