Friday, August 20, 2010

Chore charts

While perusing Etsy's site I came across these and picked them up.  My kids are obsessed with them and LOVE doing the chores so that they can move the little magnets from one side of the board to the other.  I started thinking maybe I need a chore chart so that I can get more organized... do you think they will make little blocks that say
comment on blogs
shop online
oh, and clean
then when my hubby calls and asks "what are you doing?"  I can say "my chores" while I am looking at this and then trying to decide if I should get this instead.  I am all over adult chore charts!! 
Aren't they cute?!  Very PBK esque!

Since my sister has made it her mission to help me find a bag... she came across this and this which are both beautiful and may be the perfect fall bag!!  Or should I just drop the whole bag shenanigan and copy Jan and get these?

ps I am guest posting over here today!


  1. They're adorable, I want one too! I'm all about organization, lol. :D
    It's easy to decide what to choose: if you have more bags than boots, buy boots. If you have more boots than bags, buy a bag. ;)

  2. Love those chore charts. I guess I'd have to get a magnet that says "Make Dinner", since I keep getting too busy reading blogs and shopping online to remember to do it!

  3. Those chore charts are fantastic! I wonder if they'd work for my three-year-old or if she's still a bit too young.

    I definitely think you should make one for yourself! Don't forget to add "eat chocolate" as one chore! :)

  4. I love those chore charts, I just print some off the computer for my kids, but they would love those!

    I would go with the Phlox coat over the Kirklees one, but that's just my two cents!

    Great guest post, I have been trying to learn to follow your tips, but I have still yet to wear a skirt on a day other than Sunday!

  5. I love those little charts. And I wish I could help you choose what to get, I like them all!

  6. My friend's daughter has one of those charts too. They do work. LOL

    I think you should get BOTH. :)

  7. I vote for the boots. I don't really like either purse - plus that is a lot of money for a purse with no shoulder strap. I really like cross body bags for ease of use with kids especially, but at least needs a shoulder strap especially for that money. I am a little partial to marc by marc jacobs for that kind of money. just me though and my 2 cents.

  8. PS I vote for the Phlox & Coral Coat

  9. I can't even stand it they are so cute! My boys have been using mini clipboards all summer, but these are DARLING! And I LOVE your kids names!!!

  10. Such cute little chore charts...these would be perfect Super Saturday craft projects! hmmmm....

  11. LOL at the concept of adult chore charts. Though I seriously could use myself these days come to think about it! And maybe reward myself with a little Anthro treat at the end of the week as my "allowance" reward :)